Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PIER Newsletter: April 1, 2015

Welcome PIER members. Going forward PIER will mail out information in the form of a bi-monthly newsletter to all PIER members. In the future, this letter will be posted to the PIER website.

If you would like to announce a job or submit a resource or event for the PIER Newsletter, please email to piergroupsd@gmail.com for consideration. The PIER Board will take all submissions under consideration for posting in the PIER Newsletter.

Thank you,

The PIER Board

In This Issue:
PIER Chair Announcements
PIER Announcement
PIER Chair Announcements

Dear PIER Members,

I know many of you are preparing for the end of the Spring semester and quarter while the IEP’s are preparing for their busy Summer ahead. For those of you returning from your Spring break, welcome back and for those of you about to go on Spring break, enjoy your time off. There are two more PIER meetings and then we complete our 2014-2015 meetings until September when our meetings resume.

Our next PIER Meeting is April 15 at Grossmont College. Agenda, directions and your parking permit have been sent out via emails. Full instructions are in the PIER meeting agenda. If you did not receive your parking permit, please email me, the PIER Chair at piergroupsd@gmail.com and I will send as an attachment.

PIER is always looking for best ways to serve our members, please email the PIER Chair and Vice Chair at piergroupsd@gmail.com with your suggestions to make PIER meetings and the group to meet your needs as an international educator.

Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) NAFSA Discussion NAFSA will have a one-hour Collegial Conversation discussing the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) to learn
how several institutions are supporting BSMP students, administering the program, and enjoying its positive impact within the campus community. Join the NAFSA discussion on April 22, at 3:00 p.m. (EDT). The BSMP program provides Brazil’s top students with the life-changing opportunity to study in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields at colleges and universities in the United States. Set-up an email reminder to join this online chat by clicking on the link below: http://www.nafsa.org/Connect_and_Network/Join_a_Conversation/Supporting_Students_on_the_Brazil_Scientific_Mobility_Program/

PIER Announcement
PIER 2014 - 2015 Meeting Dates
All Meeting Times are at 2:00 pm with the exception of the PIER Workshop
April 15 – Location: Grossmont College (see attached agenda, directions, and parking permit)
June 17 – Location: USD
PIER Board
Chair - Kasey McCarthy, Gemological Institute of America Kasey.McCarthy@gia.edu
Vice - Chair - Yasue O'Neill, Palomar College Yoneill@palomar.edu
Treasurer - Martha Delgadillo, EC San Diego MarthaDelgadillo@ecenglish.com
Membership Coordinator - LyKai Johnson, EC San Diego lykaijohnson@ecenglish.com
Secretary - Eric Abutin, National University eabutin@nu.edu
Web Coordinator - Cadence Ellis, National University cellis@nu.edu

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